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Little Things - Polaris

2018 Director’s Reel

Spirit of Munro - Indian Motorcycle

Born for More - Polaris

Rise Up - Under Armour


The Look - Indian Motorcycle

Generations - Pentair


RMK - Polaris

Passion for Speed - Indian Motorcycle

The Pala Symphony 

Day of the Dead - RZR

Vision - Polaris

California Oranges - Blue Moon

Faces of our Past - Indian Motorcycle




“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s a quote Adam’s father often used around the Brummond family farm. Along with the lessons of an unmatched work ethic came the freedom to explore his passions and be brave in the pursuit of them.

Cold winters in Minnesota were spent riding and racing snowmobiles with his younger brothers on the farm. Adam later had a professional career in snowmobile racing and served as a precision rider on national television commercials and print campaigns. The mark of potential however, is the desire to see something and strive to make it better. Recognizing that, he went on to study Directing at USC, and began to direct the same commercials in which he used to star.

Now based in Los Angeles, Adam’s work encompasses several new industries and mediums. Through his production company, The Factory, Adam has directed over 100 commercial projects for clients ranging from Indian Motorcycle to Blue Moon. He has become proficient in creating brand films that give a heartbeat to inanimate objects through the people who experience them. With over eight years experience in commercial production, he is now ready to transition to the narrative world of feature films.

Adam found the perfect story in “Alone Together” for his directorial debut, as he thrives in harsh landscapes and has refined the nuances of creating cinematic elegance in conditions not many have been exposed to. Aside from Alone Together, Adam is currently developing two additional feature lms and a documentary.

While Adam’s passions lie in film, he is honoring his father’s wish of being an active partner in the family farm, which also includes an organic fertilizer business he and his brothers started when he was 23. His efforts are focused on conservation and sustainable farming practices.